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As successful social media entrepreneurs, bloggers and cook book authors, Kit Graham and Jocelyn Delk Adams, know a thing or two about “likes” and “followers.” Both joined me for Conversations at the Skokie Theatre on June 22nd to discuss their careers in food, travel and beyond. You can hear the entire Conversations podcast HERE.   

Jocelyn Delk Adams and Kit Graham join the conversation ...

Jocelyn Delk Adams and Kit Graham join the conversation ...

Kit Graham on building a following through blogging and social media:

“It’s really just a matter of creating consistent content over a long period of time and finding people who engage with that content and reaching people on different platform. Some people use Facebook, some use Instagram, others use Twitter, some are on Snapchat, some use all of them, but they don’t check all of them every day. For me it’s been a lot of diversifying to reach a larger audience and try to maintain the consistency across all of the platforms and to vary them to fit the platform.”  

Jocelyn Delk Adams on the importance of a good photo:

“Being a blogger requires that you wear lots of hats. Whether it’s the promotional side for social media or the photography side, we spend a lot of time really working on our crafts and really developing that [photography] because when you go to someone’s website or open a cook book, you want to see photos that will make you cook or make you bake. You want to look at a picture and say ‘I’m hungry, Like I gotta have that’ … If I can get that response from people, that’s half the job.”


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