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If you are looking for sweet conversation, that brings a sensation, you need look no further than our time with the extraordinary Tammy McCann. No surprise that McCann adores the Hoagy Carmichael-Ned Washington standard, Nearness of You. It happens to be her husband’s favorite.

Things might have been very different for McCann if she had pursued a classical music career. Following her heart, and the inspiration of jazz legends like Ramsey Lewis, Von Freeman and the immortal Ray Charles, all of whom she has performed with, McCann has established herself as one of our most gifted and talented jazz vocalists.

Internationally recognized and hailed by critics as a rich interpreter with extraordinary vocal technique, the musical journey of McCann’s concerts and stage appearances in Chicago, New York and beyond have put her in a class by herself.

Tammy McCann joined the conversation on February 7th fresh from a concert in Norway to talk about her upcoming appearances at Winter’s Jazz Club, the City Winery debut of Jeannie Tanner’s Words & Music, the 8th Annual Chi-Town Jazz Festival, and the most important part of her life, raising a young family in Chicago.

A mom’s perspective … “One of the things I always wanted to make sure was my children knew that they were the priority in my life … I had the opportunity to travel all over the world before I became a mom and now I see my career as a way to show my children the world and to see the world through their eyes.”

On Ann Hampton Callaway …“The only thing bigger than Anne’s talent is her heart. She is the most giving, warm, supportive individual that I have ever met in this business.”

Storytelling through song … “I think it is the pairing of the words and the music that creates a story. The music sets an emotional tone that then opens the door for the lyrics to take your hand and take you some place ... take you to a memory … take you to a dream … sometimes take you to a sadness … I feel strongly that we as vocalists are messengers, and I think it is important that you really think about what message you are going to share. It is not an arbitrary thing when people welcome you into their intimacy … When people say music is the soundtrack of their lives, that is a real thing.” 

Of all the love songs out there … “My favorite is my husband’s favorite … ‘Nearness of You.’ About when everything is washed away … There are no roses, no wine, no candlelight … The only thing that makes everything right is to have you by my side.”

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